Watch LG’s New G Flex Phone Heal Itself After a Knife Attack [VIDEO]

lg g flex survives knife attack

We’ve heard of heavy-duty phones like the CAT B15, and most of us have simply accepted that along with phone durability comes heavy, brick-like shapes and bright yellow casings. That is, until we met LG’s new G Flex smartphone.

LG G Flex

The LG G Flex is a curved Android phone designed to withstand the normal wear-and-tear that often leads smartphones to their death, like rubbing against keys or falling victim to someone’s back pocket and cracking under pressure when the person sits down. Though last week LG released a video showing off the phone’s durability and self-healing powers, it was a little hard to believe coming from an obvious ad. So Youtube personality and tech critic Marques Brownlee has taken it upon himself to test the G Flex in real conditions, for all of the internet to see.

First, Brownlee takes his keys to the phone’s alleged self-healing back. Though he remarks that after some time the scratches are still detectable, they are much less noticeable than scratches would have been on any other phone. To take his test up a notch, Brownlee takes a knife to the phone, and again the phone’s back self heals.

lg g flex survives knife attack

As one final test, Brownlee demonstrates the so-called flexibility the phone is named for. Pressing down on the phone’s curved sides, Brownlee shows that the phone doesn’t crack under pressure. For those who constantly forget their phones in their back pockets, the G Flex looks like a keeper!

LG G Flex before squishing test

lg g flex squishing test 1

lg g flex squishing test 2

Check out more of Brownlee’s video reviews on YouTube.

Video stills via Marques Brownlee
via VentureBeat

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