Sharing is Caring, Start Caring

time to share

time to share

We see and hear the phrase all the time, “sharing is caring”. The sharing bucket includes: Likes, +1’s, RT’s, Mentions, Up Votes, and comments. While many are liberal in their sharing practices, others would rather face a lobotomy than share on Social Media.

Do you share? Do you care?

Unless you’re an online icon with a massive following you have to give in order to get. If you don’t give, your content is likely to collect dust and be passed over.

We see time after time, post after post with no love at all. Just sitting there, very lonely. Does this sound familiar? We all like to be recognized in some way, shape, or form. So I can’t imagine many of you don’t care that your content is in the black hole.

Why are you posting?

This is really a good question to ask yourself if you haven’t already. Is it just for fun? Are you looking to make contacts and create relationships? Do you have a business or personal site where you want to drive traffic?

If you’re not happy with your social media results and your content is not being shared consistently, then you are going have to roll up your sleeves. You have to be open to sharing others content. I know, not your cup of tea. Life is give and take, and this landscape is no different. Once you start sharing, you’re going to start making connections. It’s called “Social” Media, start acting accordingly.

Groups, Lists, and Circles, Oh My

This is the backbone of your social network. Groups (FB), Lists (Twitter), and Circles (G+) allow you to hon in and keep track of the people that are a good fit for you. If you’re not using these organizers you’re at a great disadvantage. When you’re building these groups make sure these people are active. You don’t want to build groups with individuals that show up once every lunar eclipse.

If you only take one nugget from this post, please spend time building solid groups, lists, and circles. Share the content from the individuals in these groups, lists, and circles. Your results will dramatically improve.

Over Posting, Slow down Tiger

Some people can get away with it, while others look like they are forcing things. If your content is not being shared, make sure you’re not over posting. This especially holds true for Facebook and Google Plus. On those two networks try keeping your posts from 3-6 per day. If you see little or no activity on your content, you shouldn’t be posting 15 quotes in five minutes. That’s not a good strategy.

Make sure your content is generating interest before ramping up to 10+ posts a day.

Trust People

With time you’ll build trust with individuals and trust their content. You can see pictures and quotes, but reading fifty 1000 word posts isn’t efficient or realistic. If you trust the source, don’t hesitate to share without reading. It’s more about sharing a piece from someone you trust that puts out solid content, rather than going over every piece with a checklist to see if it makes the cut to be shared.


While showing up everyday is optimal, try to be active and sharing 5-6 days per week. Showing up will improve your results. Social Media isn’t a fan of inconsistency. Stay focused, share consistently within your groups, and have fun.

Please share with your networks if you found value in the piece. 🙂

By Steven Hughes

Steven is the Director of Marketing at DashBurst. He's interested in everything social media, blogging, marketing, technology and SEO. He's an avid runner and supporter of social good.


  1. I like to keep it fun! Also keep it interesting! Why am I here? Good question! I enjoy the jokes and sharing the funny videos, music, latest news or science stuff on g+, facebook, msm and talking on skype… It is an awesome way to keep in touch and connected with those I enjoy being with… Sharing a few laughs or the sad times! The value is without measure…

  2. Great post… thank you. Not enough people seem to really ‘care’ about others anymore, if people could share virally around the world, maybe there wouldn’t be so much disharmony in the universe. We could share our universal thoughts, news and messages.

    1. This is how I feel, too!!! I’m only one person, but I try to promote this mindset with what I write and otherwise share…

    2. I like your attitude Darcy. Unfortunately, sharing online mimics our day to day lives. It’s just not practiced enough. The majority doesn’t know what they’re missing.

  3. An interesting post, Steven, with a lot of great information. I share because I like the feedback and the engagement it generates. Also because I hope the quality interests people enough to follow my feed. I tried one RT group. I received a lot of asks each day, but I didn’t have anything I needed tweeted, so it was a one-way arrangement with everyone benefiting but me. Also the quality of the content—a lot of it was truly horrid and there was no way I’d put it out there as a RT. I felt the same way about Triberr. I try to post about 1 tweet/hour over 22 hours, then tweet “live” for about 45 minutes a day. I do post quickly on Gplus, FB & Instagram because my job is so crazy right now and has been for months. There just isn’t enough time to linger and enjoy! PS. I think you meant “hone” 🙂

    1. Hi there Terri. Yes, you have to watch out for those one-way arrangements. I like the Tweeting schedule, I’m a little more active, but that seems to be a sound schedule. I think having the mindset of sharing is key, but I think many lose sight of that thought process and end up looking out for number 1. Thanks, missed that one on hone. 🙂

  4. sharing-collaboration-teamwork it vital for everyone as a society that is how we all learn and grow in all areas of our life’s.

  5. Yay for avid running! Great article. Very helpful. As you know, I always like your Tweets. Looked to see who wrote this “extra good” one and whom did I spy with my little eye? ° 0 /° Steve Hughes! ( Hanging by a thread waiting for Arrested Development tomorrow night….)

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