How to Add Google+ Comments to Any Webpage or Blog [Unofficially]

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google commentsGoogle recently launched functionality that allows you to integrate Google+ Comments on your Blogger blog.

Even though Google has yet to launch an official API for the Google+ comments feature, Browsing the Net discovered a way for you to embed Google+ Comments on any website or blog too!

  1. Edit your website code and add this HTML:
    <script src="">

    or a valid HTML5 version:

    <script src="">
    <div class="g-comments"
  2. To insert a comments counter, add this HTML code instead of <g:comments>:
    <g:commentcount href="[URL]"></g:commentcount>

    or a valid HTML5 version instead of <div class="g-comments">:

    <div class="g-commentcount" data-href="[URL]"></div>
  3. Replace [URL] with the URL of your web page and fit the width.
  4. Link your web page to your Google+ profile to verify authorship.
And if you prefer to load Google+ Comments dynamically, insert this HTML code:

<div id="comments"></div>
gapi.comments.render('comments', {
    href: window.location,
    width: '624',
    first_party_property: 'BLOGGER',
    view_type: 'FILTERED_POSTMOD'

Similarly with Google+ Comments Counter:

<div id="commentscounter"></div>
gapi.commentcount.render('commentscounter', {
    href: window.location


What does it look like in action?

You can also see it in use for any link on the Google+ and Facebook Comments page.

Given Google’s power already in search, do you think Google+ Comments could become the de facto standard for blogs?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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