Pinterest Will Now Send Price Alerts to Help You Save

Pinterest Price Alerts

Pinterest Price Alerts

In May Pinterest added a great feature for online shoppers that allowed brands to post product prices in their pins. Since product pins update automatically, shoppers could always be sure to find accurate information on Pinterest. Now, to make your online shopping even easier, Pinterest has added price alerts to product pins. 

When the price drops on an item you’ve pinned Pinterest will email you to let you know how much the price has decreased. If multiple items go on sale, Pinterest will send you one, single email that groups the notifications.

To receive price alerts, simply pin products as usual and Pinterest will take care of the rest – no opt-in is required to receive notifications. If you’d prefer not to receive price alerts, simply modify your notifications settings.

Here are some of my favorite places to find product pins:

This update follows Pinterest’s recent foray into personalized homepages.

Have you found any must-have products on Pinterest yet? Let us know in the comments!

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