Rumble and Sway Through New York City in This Mesmerizing Timelapse Video

It seems like everything happens a lot faster in New York, but the Seventh Movement takes New York speed to warp speed in this really cool timelapse filmed throughout the city. The video is a mixtape of 321 shots taken over a two-week period in New York during while the U.S. Open was broadcasted by ESPN. The network used these scenic photos to create daily teasers and athlete features for the matches. To capture these images, photographers set up cameras at secure vantage points throughout the city to capture the “Rumble and Sway” of city life in hyper speed.

You can check out a more detailed glimpse into the photographers’ timelapse process here, and enjoy some stills below if you haven’t yet been hypnotized by the awesome video!

rumble and sway NY timelapse 01

rumble and sway NY timelapse 02

rumble and sway NY timelapse

rumble and sway NY timelapse

rumble and sway NY timelapse

rumble and sway NY timelapse

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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