Make a Hyper-Lapse Video of Your ‘Travels’ Without Leaving Your Apartment

Screenshot of Google Street View Hyperlapse video creatorHyper-lapse photography is a popular videography technique that combines time-lapse photography and sweeping camera movements. Different from time-lapse shots, which photograph scenes at slow rates, hyper-lapse photography features a moving camera. Throughout its movements, the camera usually focuses on a single point-of-interest that almost makes you feel like the video was shot from your perspective. Though hyper-lapse videos are very popular, the truth is they are extremely time-consuming to make and require a lot of precision. In other words, making hyper-lapse videos is not for everyone. That is, until now.

Introducing: Google Street View Hyperlapse

When the inquisitive developers at Teehan+Lax Labs set out to design an easier way for the average joe to create hyper-lapse videos, they realized they could use Google Street View as a photography source. And that is how Google Street View Hyperlapse was born.

Google Street View Hyperlapse is a goldmine for those who want to create videos of stunning photography but don’t have the resources or skills required to shoot the material themselves. The tool also makes piecing hyper-lapse videos together a lot easier. According to Google, over 1.5 million videos have already been created using the Google Street View Hyperlapse lab and the results have been incredible. Take a look at the preview video below for inspiration and then why don’t you get cracking on your own hyper-lapse art?

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