NBA Finals Spur Near 27 Million Tweets at a 150,000 Per Minute Peak [HEAT MAP]

lebron 2013 title

lebron 2013 titleThe NBA Finals came down to game ending heroics between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. Twitter is now reporting that during the course of the NBA Finals, more than 26.7 million Tweets were shared throughout the hard fought seven-game series. Game 7 the finale, saw 7.4 million Tweets, with a phenomenal peak of more than 150,000 Tweets per minute during the final moments. Although the Miami Heat were victorious on the court, it was the Spurs who actually lead in number of mentions via Twitter headed into game 7, perhaps because they led towards the end of the series and have a large fan contingent.

However with a W on the court, Miami was also able to prevail on Twitter toppling over 3 million Tweets just last night. Of course Finals MVP LeBron James (@KingJames) was the most mentioned player of all during the finals, followed by Dwyane Wade (@DwyaneWade) Chris Bosh (@ChrisBosh) and Danny Green (@DGreen_14).

Which states were cheering the loudest on Twitter? The kind folks from Twitter have provided us some “heat maps”, no pun intended, that illustrate the highest level of activity garnered in each state for each team (adjusted for population).

NBA heat map

Better luck next year San Antonio!

What did the champs have to say about it though?

The Heat had a Twitter Mirror in the locker room for some goofy post-game celebration shots too!


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