Feedly’s IFTTT Channel and Web App Goes Live Days Before Google Reader is Shutdown

feedly google reader retirement comic

feedly iftttFeedly’s quest to replace and improve on Google Reader before its demise July 1st reached another milestone: a fully functional channel on IFTTT. The integration with IFTTT now allows users to create recipes that automatically combine actions on Feedly with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Evernote and pretty much any other major web app.

For those of you unfamiliar with IFTTT, it allows you to connect different websites together to automate actions like sharing posts, tweets and more based on triggers. So you can automatically share a new blog post (trigger) as a Tweet on Twitter with a link to the article (action). The power of IFTTT is that you can you combine any two services to do just about anything you like, which includes multiple sharing actions to different networks based on a single trigger (like a new blog post).

Here are a few popular new Feedly recipes:

popular feedly recipes

Having IFTTT to carry out several actions on Google Reader was really nice. You could scroll through articles and with a single click (or star) automatically share the article everywhere. Now Feedly also lets you simultaneously share to places like Twitter, Tumblr, Pocket, Buffer, Evernote, Facebook Pages and more. Check out some of our favorite DashBurst IFTTT recipes.

Feedly Web Interface

Feedly has also just launched a robust web app at cloud.feedly.com which doesn’t require any plugins or extensions to use the site anymore, making Feedly available from any web browser.

Feedly Cloud Apps

Feedly has also been contacted by over 200 developers since they announced plans for a Feedly API, and are rolling out nine new Feedly cloud applications including IFTTT, Sprout Social, Nextgen Reader, Press and Newsify.
feedly cloud apps
Truthfully I’ve been holding out for this very moment with the IFTTT integration, not to mention a web interface, and I’m glad Feedly could introduce these features before Reader’s retirement party.
feedly google reader retirement comic

Feedly talks about the road ahead:

This is a landmark for feedly, as we go from being purely a reader to becoming a platform. Feedly cloud is the foundation that makes us completely independent from Google Reader. It will enable us to build features even faster, and deliver the roadmap you helped us shape. More to come very soon.

Feedly has already tripled their user base from 4 to 12 million since Google announced their decision to kill Reader!

With Google Reader’s demise looming, are you on Feedly yet or call a different RSS reader home?

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