The State of Mobile Communications and the Journey from 1G to 5G [INFOGRAPHIC]

5G networksDid you know by 2020 there will 30 times more mobile traffic than there was in 2010? In a new report by the European Commission, the vision of what future 5G networks and the internet of things (plus people) will look is visualized as we move from mobile broadband to faster fiber technologies.

On a modern 4G network’s standard DSL rates, the average one-hour HD movie takes six minutes to download today; with new proposed 5G connectivity standards, however, that same movie might only take six seconds to download in the future!

The European Commission’s graphic report documents the history of cellular technology, from the analog 1G networks of 1991 through the LTE and advanced digital networks of today. At the end of the graphic, you can see how everything around us will be connected in the future including smart cars, grids, entertainment devices and our homes. The graphic also emphasizes that smartphones and tablet growth will require serious efforts to create install more efficient and robust high-speed Web infrastructure like Google Fiber, which just launched in 34 new cities in the U.S. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take until 2020 for faster internet to come to our cities.

5G mobile communications

Are you frustrated by the speed of your current Internet? What internet service provider do you use to connect?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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