Lose Yourself to Dance Planet [GIFs]

dance planet 1Are you ready to get thrown for a loop and lose yourself to dance once again? Neil Sanders is an Austalian illustrator and part of LoopdeLoop, a bi-monthly animation challenge for designers.

The theme for this month is hallucinations, and after you check out Sanders’ Dance Planet series, below, you might feel like you’re tripping, too!

Stay awhile, stay forever: as Sanders says, “Open the door, get on the floor, EVERYBODY WALK THE DINOSAUR.”

dance planet 6

dance planet 4

dance planet 2

dance planet 3

dance planet 7

dance planet 9

dance planet 8

dance planet 10

dance planet 5
You can find more of Neil Sanders’ playful animations on Vimeo and his shop.

Are you ready to get your dance on?
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Daniel Zeevi

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