No Limit: B-Boying in Slow Motion [VIDEO]

You’re about to witness a breakdance broken down at such a graceful, slow motion speed you may be fooled into thinking you’re at the ballet. The performer, B-Boy Marcio, is one of the top breakdancers in the world, and from the video you can see that his talent really has “No Limit.”

The film was created by Tomson Media and is likely to give you goosebumps while you watch. If the musical score sounds familiar, that’s because it’s from the Tron Legacy movies. The song is called “Adagio For Tron,” and it’s by none other than Daft Punk, a group already famous for making people lose themselves in dance!
No Limit- B-Boying in Slow Motion [VIDEO]
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Milo Hang
would have been a cool video if they showed any cool breaking. anyone can spin
Dean Romero
i WOULD love to see the look on the faces of those wanna bees after he did his thing.
Taib Jamil
Amber Campbell
This is cool :)
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