Kickstarter Surpasses $1 Billion in Pledges With More than Half Pledged in the Past Year Alone

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Kickstarter, the site for crowdfunding your ideas, surpassed $1 billion in pledges today. More than half of that amount was pledged in the last 12 months alone. The pledges represent over 5.7 million backers in 224 countries and territories in all seven continents.

The top-pledding country is the United States with over $663 million pledged. The UK follows with $54 million, Canada with $44 million and Australia with $31 million. Japan, the Netherlands and Singapore also rank as top pledgers to date. Even people in Antarctica have pledged to Kickstarter campaigns, with $3,707 pledged so far by 11 backers.

kickstarter logoPledging to multiple campaigns appears to be fairly common, with over half of the total pledged $1 billion ($619 million) coming from over 1.6 million repeat backers. Serial backing is not uncommon, either: 15,932 people have backed more than 50 projects.

As for Kickstarter‘s most lucrative days, March 13, 2013 saw the most pledges with 54,187 backers pledging $4,029,585.45 to 1,985 projects. Compare that to Kickstarter’s launch day April 28, 2009, when 40 people pledged $1,084 to seven projects.

In October Kickstarter reached another important milestone with 50,000 projects funded by over 5 million backers. The company also won the best startup of the year award at the 2013 Crunchies Awards.

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