Top 15 Online Resources Every Educator should Know About

Education today is inseparable from the Digital Revolution. Though learning doesn’t require any less time, focus and devotion, now the right set of tools can open up new educational worlds. There are both free and paid online resources, and there is something for everyone’s learning style.

Besides the well-known Khan Academy and Coursera, there are some less-known tools that can also increase your effectiveness as a student. Below, we will list some awesome learning resources you should try as soon as possible!

1.  WritingHouse is perfect free citation generator. You can can create bibliography easy and fast!

Free bibliography maker

2. Getting Smart is an innovative community passionate about learning. On its website, you can find various resources that will improve the studying outcome by increasing your effectiveness.


3. Ninja Essays offers professional assistance with essay writing. Besides academic writing of all types, the company also offers professional proofreading, formatting, and editing services. The website’s blog provides a valuable, free resource for all types of educational information.


4. Saylor provides free and open courses that you can attend according to your own schedule. The featured areas of study include real world math, psychology, mathematics, philosophy, mechanical engineering, history, political science, general education, English literature, economics computer science, and more.


5. Articulate Network Rapid E-learning is a blog that offers fresh information on various topics associated with e-learning. Every blog is followed by a constructive discussion, which you are welcome to join.

6. Acas free Learning OnLine modules are a great resource if you want to improve your knowledge on employment issues. The website offers 10 online courses, which will provide you with the needed theory and practical case studies, as well as put your understanding to the test through interactive questions.

7. GCFLearnFree provides high-quality free lessons in math, technology, and reading, which enable you to learn at your own pace. The company also provides free mobile apps that will allow you to learn anytime and anywhere.


8. eLearn Magazine is a great place to find informative blog posts and reviews, as well as to express your opinions related to e-learning.


9. Trello will help you with an important aspect of learning: organizing. This is the fastest and easiest way to organize your day-to-day learning activities and make effective plans that will keep you motivated to achieve your daily goals.

10. The Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois, Springfield, is a valuable tool that supports scholarly research.


11. On, you can freely access information on seminars and conferences relevant to your goal of continuing education.

12. AECDDaily offers courses in the fields of landscape architect and maintenance, engineering, construction, architecture, and interior design. All you have to do is download the course, complete it at your own convenience, take the test and view your results.


13. OpenCourseWare Consortium is a prestigious source of free online courses from many universities. Many people are still not aware of this website, which offers nearly 7,000 courses in different languages and various fields of study.

14. PowToon is the coolest free tool for creating animated videos and presentations. Rather than settling for plain Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, you can turn them into real masterpieces using PowToon.


15. Free Video Lectures is a project that brings free education to anyone interested in learning. You can access free lectures from over 30 international universities. The choice of subjects includes physics, history, accounting, astronomy, and many more.

When you have access to all kinds of tools that promote education and improve your effectiveness as a learner, why wait to get into a life-changing learning project? All you need is to stay committed to learning and you will soon achieve your educational goals.

Sandra Miller is a professional writer at editing services from New York. Writes her first book and learns the art of self publishing. She has a PhD in English literature, NYU graduate.

By Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller is a professional writer from New York. Writes her first book and learns the art of self publishing. She has a PhD in English literature, NYU graduate.