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The Internet revolution brought a lot of changes in the educational system. Instead of relying on textbooks, notebooks and other conventional classroom materials, students today rely on their tablets and smartphones, which carry a lot of potential for making the material more interactive and understandable. There are both free and paid online educational resources out there, though, with plenty to choose from. For educators and students who have never used online tools for the purpose of education, it may be difficult to choose the right resources. That’s why we decided to offer a list of top 15 online educational tools that are beneficial for both learners and lecturers.

1. Learn Out Loud


This is one of the favorite websites for students. Its audio and video directory offers over 5000 free audio books, speeches, interviews, talks, courses, and many other resources that make learning fun and accessible.

2. The Collegiate Blog

The process of college admissions brings a great deal of stress for future college students. This blog is full of detailed information about the entire process, so students can find tips about preparing their documents, essays, financial aid applications, and much more.

3. Educative Social Media Tools


The truth is social media websites hold a large potential for learning new things in a more accessible way. NinjaEssays lists the best 15 educative social media tools that can advance the communication and collaboration in any classroom.

4. Montgomery Educational Consulting

This blog is a valuable source of tips that can help students go through the college selection and admission process with less stress and more understanding.

5. Academic Earth


This website offers talks and lectures from some of the most famous educational institutions in the U.S. It takes the process of learning outside the classroom with videos designed to provoke students to think, get curious and start asking questions.

6. Earn Dual Credit

This is a blog aimed towards homeschoolers who are preparing to get into college. The topics range from engineering and math lessons, to religion, to tips for college prep. Earn Dual Credit is one of the most valuable resources for homeschoolers.

7. LSE Public Lectures and Events


The website of the London School of Economics and Political Science is a valuable source of information on a wide range of topics, including politics, history, economics, humor, and much more.

8. Focus at Will

Both students and educators can be pressured by tight deadlines and lots of work that needs to be done. This website can help them by playing music chosen to extend the length of focus to 100 minutes from the usual 20 minutes.

9. BigThink


This is a website focused on significant topics. Each article can make an impact to the reader’s life and change the way they act or think. Students are motivated to have big ideas and think about the concepts that can change the world.

10. PowToon

This tool enables students to create animated presentations that can end up being professional-looking masterpieces. Educators can use this tool to keep students engaged and interested in the lectures. The motivation in any classroom can be lifted to a whole new level with this free and awesome tool.

11. Flash Card Machine


Flash cards are an already proven method that makes studying more effective. Now they’ve gone digital, so students can use this website to create concise flashcards they can share with others.

12. Easy Generator

This is an all-in-one e-learning app that enables educators to create online courses and build informative and attractive content their students will access via their tablets and computers.

13. Notre Dame CourseWare


This is an award-winning website that delivers free and open educational resources for self-learners, students, and faculty. There is no access to faculty and no degrees can be earned through this website, but it is an excellent destination for students to find extra help and faculty members to prepare their lectures.

14. Free-ED.Net

This is a great website with free educational resources and online courses. Students and educators can find material on almost any academic subject, including quizzes, tutorials, study guides, textbooks, and more.

15. Latitude Learning


The free e-learning library at this website includes interactive online courses divided into understandable short lessons that bring the material closer to students by explaining complex concepts with real-world examples. The free courses include categories such as Management, Sales, Conflict Management, Entrepreneurship, Career Development, Business Math, Communications, and more.

Sandra Miller is a professional writer at editing services Help.Plagtracker.com from New York. Writes her first book and learns the art of self publishing. She has a PhD in English literature, NYU graduate.

By Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller is a professional writer from New York. Writes her first book and learns the art of self publishing. She has a PhD in English literature, NYU graduate.