iOS Rumor: Could Deep LinkedIn Integration be Available in iOS 7?

LinkedIn app for iPhone

LinkedIn app for iPhonePosting content to LinkedIn from your iPhone may be easier come this fall. Apple is reportedly testing deep LinkedIn integration into iOS 7, according to 9to5 Mac. The single-sign-on would give LinkedIn similar capabilities to those of Facebook and Twitter on iOS devices.

The news comes from a 9to5 Mac reader who found LinkedIn code and text strings in the beta version of iOS 7. Certain pieces of the code are missing, which is why LinkedIn integration is not yet accessible.

LinkedIn integration on iOS 7 would come as no surprise, as Apple and LinkedIn announced a partnership at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference last week. In OS X Mavericks, LinkedIn sharing will be built into Safari, alerts will be available via Notification Center, and content posted by your LinkedIn connections will be viewable form the new Shared Links view on Safari for Mac.

Screenshots of the LinkedIn code & text strings spotted in iOS 7:

linked ios7

linkedin apple screenshotAs you can see from the last snippett, certain pieces of code are disabled preventing LinkedIn functionality from being active in the first iOS7 beta. But the integration appears to be there and ready to be turned on with the flip of a switch.

Besides LinkedIn, Flickr and Vimeo are also rumored for integration into iOS 7.

If Apple would integrate any service into iOS, which service would your #1 request be?

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  1. It seems to me this is intended either to capture or maintain the “businessperson” segment of the iPhone market. Although my marketing is B2C, this is a great development!

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