Facebook Rolls Out Comment Enhancements to Add Photos and Sort by Recent Activity

photos to comments

Facebook has launched two new interesting changes for comments. As reported by social media expert Mari Smith, users can now add photos to comments, while Facebook pages can sort comments by recent activity. This gives users creative new ways to express themselves along with better tools for page managers to monitor conversations in real-time.

1. Facebook lets users add photos to comments

Have you ever wanted to respond to someone with a picture instead of just words? Now you can upload photos as comments, although so far, it only works on profiles only and not pages.
photos to comments

2. Facebook Pages can sort comments by most recent activity (‘replies’ must be enabled)

The surprise for Facebook pages is that if you have the ‘Replies’ feature enabled, you can now sort comments out by ‘Recent Activity.’ Facebook replies are a new feature that are shown below the comments in a thread-like manner. The most active conversations are then shown at the top as ‘Top Comments’ while the newest comments appear under ‘Recent Activity.’
recent comments
Stay tuned for big announcements coming tomorrow out of Facebook potentially regarding video on Instagram!
What do you think about these new commenting features?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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  1. We need to be able to switch between default behaviour for comment displays. It cannot be that “Top comments” is the fixed default.

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