11 Humorous Illustrations Of What Pop Culture Characters Actually Do On Their Day Off

Even famous pop culture icons need a day off once and awhile. And artist Kiersten Essenpreis shows just what that might look like in her funny, comic illustrations. So if you were wondering what happened to the cat in Alien, or what Gozer from Ghost Busters enjoys doing when not summoning destructors like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, check out this awesome series at Gallery 1988 East! You can also find prints available at Gallery 1988 (until May 25th) and on Etsy.

Joker vs. Banksy

Joker vs. Banksyvia

Alien Takes Jonesy to the Vet

Alien Takes Jonesy to the Vetvia

“Shredder + Krang Ride” (TMNT)

Shredder + Krang Ride" (TMNT)via

“Gozer at the Dog Park” (Ghostbusters)

"Gozer at the Dog Park" (Ghostbusters)via

“Mola Ram Plays Bingo” (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

"Mola Ram Plays Bingo" (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)via

“Norman and Mother” (Psycho)

"Norman and Mother" (Psycho)via

“Bedtime for Log” (Twin Peaks)

"Bedtime for Log" (Twin Peaks) via

“Leatherface’s Secret Hobby” (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

"Leatherface’s Secret Hobby" (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)via

“Ironing the Jumpsuit” (Halloween)

"Ironing the Jumpsuit" (Halloween)via

“Jessica Rabbit on Sunday” (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

Jessica Rabbitvia

“A Game of Chess” (LOST)

"A Game of Chess" (LOST)via
via uproxx
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