Google Chrome, aka the Web, Just Got 5% Faster [DOWNLOAD]

google chrome

google chrome

Google Chrome has been working on a Beta release that contained optimizations that make web pages load 5% faster on average! Today, Google has included those enhancements in a stable Chrome release so all users on the web can enjoy a faster browsing experience. A 5% improvement might not seem like much, but consider how much time you use spend browsing the web? In fact, if you add up all those saved seconds across every Chrome user, it equates to more than 510 years of saved time every week!

So congratulations everyone, every split second counts! Download the new Chrome right now.

For you web geeks who need the full story:

  • Faster page loads thanks to Chrome’s new resource scheduler – which is more aggressive about using an idle connection and demoting the priority of resources to not interfere with critical assets.
  • Elegant HTML5 date and time input forms
  • Live audio input to Web Audio API
  • Sync FileSystem API for Chrome Apps
  • DevTools updates

Visit for a complete overview of Chrome’s robust developer features.

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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