Watch Videos Properly in any Orientation With the Horizon App

horizon-appAre you tired of breaking your neck trying to adjust your phone to record videos? While our mobile phones make it a snap to take videos anywhere we go, these devices don’t make it very easy to record videos we’d like to watch again. Whenever we watch one of our mobile videos on our PC or television, everything we saw gets squeezed between two thick vertical or horizontal lines (depending on the orientation of the video) with a shaky composition that seems to see-saw with every passing second of the video, just as our hands shook during the recording.

To the rescue is a new app by Evil Window Dog called Horizon, which could very well change the video landscape for good. No matter how you’re holding your phone, the app will capture the proper horizontal video for viewing later! Horizon automatically crops your video clips to the proper aspect ratio in real time during your recordings. Using the iPhone’s gyroscope technology, you can move between landscape and portrait mode seamlessly during your filming. The app also supports multiple resolutions and Instagram-like filters to spice up your action.

horizon app orientation

Introducing Horizon

Learn more about Horizon in this neat trailer:

Get the Horizon app for any modern iOS device:

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