Watch All the Flights in the World Using the Guardian’s New Interactive Map

The Guardian's interactive map of current flights

The Guardian's interactive map of current flights

To celebrate 100 years of passenger air travel, the Guardian has created an interactive map that visualizes the thousands of commercial flights that take place every day. Plus, using voice narration, charts, old photos and interactive elements you can explore the history of aviation since 1914. At the end, learn about the future of flight as the Guardian asks, are we hitting the limits of air travel?

1938 1,700,000 plane tickets sold

1961 111,000,000 plane tickets sold

1985 783,198,104 plane tickets sold

2013 3,120,448,937 plane tickets sold

global projections for passenger growth chart
Also be sure to check out all the daily air traffic in the world visualized in just a minute.

Images by the Guardian
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