What Does Google Autocomplete Say About Your Favorite Brand?

When it comes to branding, what people are saying online about a business or product means everything. While some brands like BMW often enjoy being associated with “the best,” others are considered to be “dying” like Microsoft, or even worse, some, like Google, are known as “evil” or potentially the dawn of the real-life Matrix and “Skynet.” But sometimes you get to find out which brands people really favor the most, finally answering some of those timeless questions like, “is Pepsi better than Coke?”

A great way to gauge the sentiment of any business is to just type the name in Google Search as “[brand name] is” and watch as the magical autocomplete results pop up, displaying what the most often associated terms are for that brand, as illustrated in this chart put together by Advanced Emotion Intelligence Research.

Despite the humorous nature of the post, as you can see this is no “joke” for brands.

google autocomplete results for brands

How did your favorite brands fare the autocomplete test?

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Cecil Helton
How was it determined that "skynet" for Google was positive in any way?
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