Logo Mashups Mesh Our Favorite Brands into One

Gucci Gerber logo mashup

Have you ever noticed the similarities between the Jaguar and Puma logos? Can you imagine the Gerber baby hawking Gucci products? In the Logo Mashups Tumblr, user experience architect Ryan Loomis combines the logos of prominent brands in clever, unexpected ways. Some mashups are startling the way they point out the similarities between logos between brands that differ so much. Other mahsups amuse by juxtaposing the logos of luxury brands with those of more common products.

Check out some of Loomis’ designs below, and visit his Tumblr for more.

crocs lacoste logo mashup

puma jaguar logo mashup

foursquare microsoft logo mashup

allianz android logo mashup

american apparel airlines logo mashup

american express capital one logo mashup

fortune disney logo mashup

pitchfork quaker logo mashup

the north face prudential logo mashup

twitter dove logo mashup

Which is your favorite mashup?

via Creative Bloq

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