Germany’s 7-1 World Cup Defeat of Brazil Sets New Record on Twitter

If you didn’t watch the Germany vs. Brazil World Cup game, you missed one of the most impressive offensive displays and a game full of record setting. Germany, who won 7-1, set a record with five goals in the first 29 minutes of the World Cup semi-final match half. In addition, four of Germany’s goals happened within six minutes of each other. Furthermore, the five goals in the first half and two in the following half made Germany the team with the most World Cup goals ever at 221 total.

But not only did this match give Germans the opportunity to set those various World Cup history records, it also set a record on Twitter. A total of 35.6 million tweets about the Brazil vs. Germany game were sent out during the match, breaking a record of its own as the most talked about game ever on social media.


The tweets per minute peaked at 580,166 with the game’s most talked about moment, when Sami Khedira of Germany scored the fifth goal off an assist from Mesut Özil. The next most talked about moments on Twitter were both about Toni Kroos’ goals, Germany’s third and fourth in the game.

As for the most tweeted about players, Miroslav Klose of Germany was mentioned the most, followed by Toni Kroos and then Thomas Müller. For Brazil, the goalkeeper Julio Cesar was the most tweeted about, with most of the conversation taking on an air of negativity.


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Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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