17 First World Problems in 2013

By 2013 you would think that technology would have made us more productive than before. The internet, though, is a new tool (historically speaking, that is), and studies have shown a wide learning gap exists before humans can fully incorporate technological advances. While digital cameras, for example, now give you the ability to take and store unlimited photos, we haven’t caught up to the technology of creating a streamlined way to store those files. And let’s not even talking about internet connectivity issues – don’t you hate it when you wind up in a dead spot and your emails and Facebook messages stop coming in? Or, maybe you’ve been on an exotic vacation only to get slowed down by a bad Wi-Fi connection.

Well, congratulations! Your troubles aren’t really problems but rather “First World Problems.” The next time you feel like complaining about how many Facebook notifications you have, just remember that some countries don’t even allow their citizens on Facebook.

first world 2013 problemsvia doghousediaries

Facebook Problems

facebook problems

Closet Problems

closet full of clothes


Vacation Problems

hotel wifi problems

Memory Problems

500 gb problems

Family Problems

family problems

Exercise Problems

broken treadmillvia awesomenator

Music Problems

music problems

Tab Problems

tab problems

Water Problems

water problems

What’s your major malfunction in 2013?

Alan Darnell
cute, but not really funny.
Alan Darnell
cute, but not really funny.
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