7 Creepy Things You Can Do with Facebook’s Graph Search

Graph Search Photos of Friends

Graph Search People who like cycling

Today Facebook announced that the beta version of a tool called Graph Search will soon roll out to all its US English users. Unlike traditional Web search, Graph Search lets you ask questions like, “What restaurants do my friends like?” or perform cross searches like, say, “Pictures of my friends who are models.”

Graph Search Photos of FriendsOver the past few months Facebook has been testing the service with users around the world and has improved Graph Search based on feedback it received from those initial users. Graph Search is now faster at suggesting potential searches and displaying results. It’s better at understanding your questions and prioritizing the most relevant results.

If you haven’t yet tried Graph Search you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about. For one, it makes the personal information you’ve stored on Facebook more accessible than ever. Just as before, only those Facebook users who have your permission will be able to view your data, but the difference is this: to access all that data they no longer have to dig through your profile. For the first time, your private information will be at their fingertips. That’s why some claim Graph Search should make us run for our lives. Others, however, merely find the tool amusing. As for me, I find the tool creepy, amusing, and addictive.

Check out what I did today while playing around with Graph Search. Then let me know the creepy searches you conjured up.


“Spouses of my married friends”

spouses of my married friends

First I checked out which of my friends has the hottest hubbie.


“Singles who are not my friends and are named ‘Mike’ and live nearby”

Singles who are not my friends and are named Mike and live nearby

Then I decided to look for a hubby of my own. He couldn’t be someone I already knew, and his name had to be Mike.


“Singles who are not my friends and are named ‘Mike’ and like Icecream and live nearby”

Singles who are not my friends and are named Mike and like Icecream and live nearby

But I had to make sure we’d be compatible, so I narrowed down my search with a common interest: ice cream. I think I found some contenders!


“Photos taken at bars visited by my friends”

Photos taken at bars visited by my friends

My friends never invite me out with them, so I was hoping to find out what bars they go to. Unfortunately it seems like they only go to Vegas, which is not within walking distance of my house.


“Breakfast & Brunch Places liked by people who live nearby”

Breakfast & Brunch Places liked by people who live nearby

I’m sick of eating breakfast by myself, so I searched for the popular brunch spots of people in my neighborhood. Maybe I’ll find the family who lives upstairs the next time I eat at Square Café.


“Photos of relatives of my friends”

Photos of relatives of my friends

What do my friends’ families look like?


“Photos of my friends who like running”

Photos of my friends who like running

Now all I have to do is figure out what time they go for their runs…

Read more about your privacy on Facebook in light of Graph Search, or learn how to really control your privacy on Facebook.

Now, what creepy searches can you think of?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

Lauren is the former managing editor for DashBurst. One part geek, one part urban nomad, she is constantly scouting for the latest tech and world news. In the evenings you'll find Lauren running in strange places or attempting to dance salsa.


  1. That you can specify only people named “Mike” is what now wins me over on the graph search. I see the value, I see it very clearly now. 🙂

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