12 Creative Blocks Holding Back Your Writing

creative blocks

Have you ever been plagued by writer’s block? It turns out that there are a few other mental challenges and obstacles that can inhibit one from doing any creative work.

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1. Starting Block

The hardest block to overcome is just getting started. Putting pen to pad, or finger to key if you will.

2. Mental Block

You’ve finally set out and now realize how difficult the road ahead will be. Your mind starts to race with different ideas for the post. How should it be organized?

3. Building Block

What components does your article need to sustain itself? The only thing holding back your writing at this point are the necessary facts and figures to strengthen your argument.

4. Ice Block

After you’ve collected all that supporting data you’ve become a bit numb from the overload of information and your creative spark has cooled.

5. Sun Block

When’s the last time you’ve actually been outside? Sometimes the best thing to do is go for a walk or invest in a change of scenery while you digest all the data you just took in. By the time you get back you’ll have a better perspective on the piece and some new inspiration.

6. Road Block

The only problem now is you’ve started to enjoy your time away, and other obstacles have appeared on your journey back home.

7. Mythical Block

Now that you’ve returned, you start looking for last-minute mythical excuses to delay or abandon the project altogether. You think it’s “probably already been done before” or “no one will like it anyways.”

8. Writer’s Block

The moment of truth has arrived. Everything you’ve ever read or thought has led you to this very moment. So what are going to finally say?

9. Stumbling Block

So you’ve made some typos or thought Russia invaded the state, not the country, of Georgia. It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes; power through them and get all your initial thoughts down.

10. Chopping Block

Now it’s time to bring out the clippers and do some trimming. This can be harder than anticipated. You’ve spent hours or even days working on this carefully written piece. But you need to cut the fat and the fluff. If the content doesn’t provide the reader value, it just doesn’t need to be said.

11. Unblocked

You’ve done all you can do at this point. It’s time to stop staring at the article and release it to the world!

12. Blockparty

Your piece is a hit and went viral! Your blog is one big like-party, +1 fest filled with jolly comments!

But once your 15 minutes is up, get back to work. Too often a person who’s tasted a little bit of success struggles to regain the intensity that led to their success in the first place!


Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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