Designers, Developers and Entrepreneurs: Get Over $3,000 Worth Of Premium Tools for as Little as $35

SuperStacked Mac Bundle for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs

SuperStacked Mac Bundle for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs

Designers, developers and entrepreneurs: are you ready? StackSocial has launched a new sale today featuring over $3,000 worth of Mac software and Pro subscription memberships for as little as $35. Through this deal, you’ll be able to download xScope, a powerful tool for designers and developers that makes measuring, inspecting, and comparing on-screen elements quick and easy, and, for the first 5,000 buyers, subscribe to pro plans to growth hacking tools like Moz and Crazy Egg.

The SuperStacked Mac Bundle includes:

  • xScope
  • ColorSchemer Studio 2, a professional color matching application
  • Painter Lite, a digital art software that allows for a realistic natural-media painting experience
  • CSS Hat, a tool that allows you to instantly generate CSS code from Photoshop layers
  • skEdit, a tool for designing websites. The software supports PHP, HTML, CSS, Perl, Ruby, SQL, Cold Fusion, Python, ASP and ActionScript, among others
  • A number of design tools, including Photoshop design templates, 15 hand-coded iOS app templates and 500 universal Web icons
  • The Growth Hacker Bundle for the first 5,000 buyers, which includes 12 Web apps to help you grow your business, such as subscriptions to Crazy Egg, Moz, Heap and LaunchBit

Learn more about the SuperStacked Mac Bundle and what’s included in this video:

If you’re interested, buy the bundle sooner rather than later, as the price rises by $1 each day until it reaches $50. After 13 days, the sale will end!

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Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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