10 Cats That Really Need Hugs

cat needs hugs

cat needs hugsSometimes you come across a hairball that you know just needs a hug. Last Caturday we looked at 10 cats even grumpier than grumpy cat, and well they all definitely needed hugs too. And these cats here today are no exception:

1 Has the Ongoing Feud Between Dogs and Cats Finally Ended?

cat hugs dog

2 Apparently So…

cat and dog cozy

3 Further Evidence… (We Can Protect You)


4 Cats Just Need Hugs

cat and monkey

5 Especially Kittens…

kitten hugs

6 In Fact, if You Double the Hug, You Double the Love!

double hug

7 More Kitten Hugs…

caturday hugs

8 Ralph Really Needs a Hug

ballon cat

9 As Does Birthday Cat…

Birthday Cat

10 So Big Caturday Hugs From Team DB!

big cat hugs

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