10 Cats Even Grumpier Than Grumpy Cat

grumpy cats

Grumpy CatWe’ve all seen photos of grumpy cat by now and wish she’d cheer up some day but she’s not the only sourpuss on the block. Cats are very peculiar animals with certain daily rituals that need to be administered to and never interfered with. From unwanted costumes and petting, to poorly cooked food and rival dogs, here are 10 cats with such bad attitudes they would even give grumpy cat herself something to cheer about!


10 Wedding Cat

Wedding Cat

9 Please Don’t Disturb My Supper Cat

supper cat

8 Cat Has Car Problems

cat car problems

7 Kitten Tries to Box Statue of Bunny

boxing cat

6 Grumpy and Confused Cat

grumpy confused cat

5 Appalled Cat

Strange Face

4 Grumpy Thanksgiving Cat Disproves of Turkey

grumpy thanksgiving cat

3 Angry Costume Cat

grumpy fuck costume cat

2 Cat Takes Dog Hostage

cat kidnaps dog

1 Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow

grumpy cats

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