After Going Platinum, DJ Afrojack Debuts ‘Weird Stuff’



After his career-launching hit “Take Over Control” reached platinum last week, Dutch music producer and DJ Afrojack has released a new song that’s a bit off the beaten path.

“Robot City” is part of a new project from Afrojack called “Far Far Away,” where the DJ says he’ll be posting his “weird stuff.” When he debuted “Robot City” to SoundCloud, Afrojack wrote that it’s a song he made just for fun, and that he’ll be releasing similar songs under the title “Far Far Away.” He wrote:

“Outside of the whole party thing and waaaa drops edm n what not, I also like just making music for the heck of it, not to impress anybody, not to be fancy, not to anything.

Even though its not what most of you are used to, its still my biggest passion to share these kind of things with you, so welcome to the kingdom of Far Far Away, everything under this extra title is gonna be my weird stuff.

Starting off I just made this thingy, just something nice to go to sleep to”

Check out Afrojack’s new song here:

Ten seconds in you can tell “Robot City” has a more mellow feel than Afrojack’s other music. While I’m not sure I could fall asleep to this, as Afrojack suggests, I can imagine this song as a tasteful addition to an action movie soundtrack – maybe toward the end, when the good guys devise their winning plan to take out the giant robot monsters trying to destroy Earth, and the movie streams a montage of characters gathering shiny gadgets to build the machine that will lead to the demise of the bad guys. Wait, I may have just summed up the next Transformers for you.

What do you think of Afrojack’s new music?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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