Geeky + Sexy = Pole Dancing Robots

You just have to love engineers and scientists who fail to take themselves too seriously. The German-based technology company Tobit Software did this in high style with their exhibit of two pole-dancing robots and their DJ at the CeBIT Expo 2014 in Hanover, Germany. Named Tess and Lexy by their creators, these robots are not… Continue reading Geeky + Sexy = Pole Dancing Robots

Kaskade Announces Upcoming Album ‘Atmosphere’

American DJ and record producer Kaskade announced that we’ll have to wait another three whole months for the release of his album, Atmosphere. While we’ll have plenty of things to listen to while we wait for the album’s September release, we can already buy tickets to the fall Atmosphere tour and, on June 10, we… Continue reading Kaskade Announces Upcoming Album ‘Atmosphere’

After Going Platinum, DJ Afrojack Debuts ‘Weird Stuff’

After his career-launching hit “Take Over Control” reached platinum last week, Dutch music producer and DJ Afrojack has released a new song that’s a bit off the beaten path. “Robot City” is part of a new project from Afrojack called “Far Far Away,” where the DJ says he’ll be posting his “weird stuff.” When he… Continue reading After Going Platinum, DJ Afrojack Debuts ‘Weird Stuff’