Are You Adddicted to a Number?

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klout scoreAre you addicted to social media? Let’s be honest with ourselves. How many hours a day are you on the internet? Out of those hours, how many hours are you spending on social media platforms? I am starting to see plenty of articles that are including social media addiction as part of the reason for marriages and relationships breaking up.

Here is where you need to get crystal clear with yourself, is it worth it? I think we need to start truly asking ourselves at what cost?  

  • Things to think about:
  • Set a schedule so you have your work time, social media time, and family time
  • Get clear on the why you are in social media
  • Get clear on what you are willing to outsource
  • If you do outsource, you need to be crystal clear on what they can say, post, and do. Take the time to get references, and train them to your level of integrity and authenticity.
  • The most important question to ask – Is the amount of time you spend on social media bringing you any value, clients, and ROI (Return on investment).

I love social media and I truly do think it is a valuable tool for connecting us to a wealth and diversity of knowledge, cultures, and people. I just think we have gotten a bit too comfortable and aren’t taking the time to source out who we are connecting to and why.

I just recently launched another show and I had someone come back to me with:

What are your demographics? What is Your reach?
What are Your numbers ? etc…  

I have to say it’s not just the numbers, it’s the engagement. I have access to over 50,000+ connections, yet I focus on the 20,000 people that I know are more likely to engage. The same goes for your Klout, Kred, and Peer Index score. I value quality engagement over games. While I could tag 100 people in a post every day to boost my Klout score I don’t.  While I could run missions for a 100 at time I don’t. I will run maybe 1 or 2 missions a day and only for 10 people in one batch. Why? I know that my tribe will participate, and even if it is only 10 people in that mission sharing it is the quality of ‘The Ripple Effect” that matters. If I get 1000 people sharing my content and they have no followers, or half of their mailing list is bots, what is the point?

Yes, a number can help you get noticed, however you need to know what is your end outcome. Furthermore, you need to truly look at how much time you are putting into social media. Is what you are doing in social media enhancing your business and relationships, or creating problems in your business and relationships?


Carly Alyssa Thorne

By Carly Alyssa Thorne

Speaker, Mentor, Author, Writer, Producer, Director, Photographer ~ Passionate about Conscious Business Transformations of the Mind, Body, Business & Spirit, as it is all interconnected. Life is a Journey, Enjoy it... Take time to Learn, Play and Grow each and every day... "Life is a Play and We are the Actors~Actresses, Writers, Editors, Producers, Directors, Co-Creators of Our Life's, we can create anything, anytime... Let's Do it." Carly Alyssa Thorne


  1. Great post. I honestly do not see the point in working up a high Klout score if there is no real purpose for it. Meaning, if you want to be influential in your niche, want to stand out, then it is worth it.. however do it the right way by engaging, sending out good content, and being consistent with it.. if you have no idea how to do it, then learn how. And yes it takes time and commitment to do, outsource if it is taking a lot of your time and know who you can trust with it.

  2. Well said, Carly Alyssa. I especially agree with the last two points you made. A lot of people get blinded by the numbers game and lose sight of what is their goal. I’ve learnt that the time invested is the time wasted if it comes at a cost for your family and loved ones.

    1. Thanks Dubie, I completely agree. I think Klout is very important for business and I think it is all a balance and a matter of perspective.

  3. That is so true, we balance in everything. I’m not getting the ROI that I want, but, more and more are becoming aware of what I’m putting out there. I feel it is only a matter of time before it all kicks in. In the niche that I’m working on, lots of people don’t realise that they need the help that’s available. But, as they wake up, I’m there to help them.
    I’ve come a long way since February, learnt a lot and now have a page established. Through the Superchargers, I know more about Twitter and Klout. My score goes up and down, but, I’m not overly concerned about it. My connections on FB are very strong and supportive. It has also allowed me to expand my knowledge by the interaction with my ‘friends’ from around the world. There is news that I hear about that does not hit the mainstream. That’s valuable as well as helpful. It goes towards a healthier ‘world’ view of things.
    It is time to go deeper and make a stronger impact on the world. Thanks for the great post Carly, and, also for the support and teaching! 😀

    1. Anytime Malcolm, and You are a good student. Being open minded is the first step to any learning and Yes You have come a long way and I am so proud of You…

  4. Interesting piece, Carly.

    I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to social media. Actually, I don’t hardly spend as much time on it as I should. I used to be obsessed with my social media #, but now I could careless. I’ve learned that more isn’t necessarily better.

    What I focus more on is the # number of true connections that I build outside of social media via blog comments and efforts to directly engage and connect with other webmasters/blog owners.

    Once I’ve made those initial connections, then I’ll move over to social media and connect with them there. This make for a richer and more engaged following – quality over quantity.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us. I’m glad to have found this piece over on bizsugar.


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