6 Free Barcode & QR Scanner Apps For Your iPhone

QR Code and Barcode Reader

A Quick Response Code or more commonly called as the QR Code is a technology that allows you to read a machine readable label that is commonly used for barcodes on a particular item. A QR Code consists of modules that are arranged in a grid with a white background which can be read by a barcode scanner. This technology is now available on Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows you to scan for bar codes of a particular item that you are shopping for instantly using your device. Here are some free barcode and QR scanner applications that you can download on your iPhone that will allow you to quickly scan to check the price or catalogue items within your hands.

1.      Scan – QR Code and Barcode Reader

This is a free bar code and QR code scanner that allows you to instantly obtain the information that is available for a particular item. If the code consists of a website, the application will then instantly take you to the URL for instant viewing. Some bar codes also contain phone number, address and email address. The app will prompt you to take action according to your preference whether to call the phone number or find the location of the address provided in the bar code or send an email to the email address given. The app is very user friendly and takes as simple as pointing the iPhone camera to the code for instant reading. The app supports regular bar codes like the ISBN, EAN and UPC. Device requirement for the app are iPhone 3S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and higher.

Scan – QR Code and Barcode Reader

2.      Quick Scan – QR Code Reader

This is a powerful QR scanner that can read codes including the information about contact details, website URL, SMS message, email, locations and calendar events. You can perform all kinds of actions using the application without the need to quit from the app. It also allows you to save your favorite QR codes for easy reference in the future. You can also scan bar codes that are in your photo album as well. From the app itself you can open the web link from the bar code and you can also keep a copy of the calendar event to the iCal in the application. Enjoy unlimited storage for all your scan history and even share them by text message or email. Your device should be iO6 supported to make use of the application on your iPhone.

Quick Scan – QR Code Reader

3.      Shop Savvy

This is a QR code reader and bar code scanner with a search feature using keywords. It supports scanning in multiple orientations to read regular codes like QR, UPC and EAN formats. If you don’t have a bar code, you can simply type a title and make a search. It supports multi-currency and it allows the users to add bar codes in their system to grow the catalogue in the system. The app allows you to shop for less as it gives you the lowest prices from both online and local shops. Shaking your device will give you random product results with numerous merchants that you can find in North America and Europe. You can also shop locally and directly from an online store. The app allows the user to view shipping promos, rebate, coupon codes and other on sale items.  You can sync your searches from iTunes and Dropbox.  You can also write a product review directly from the app.

Shop Savvy

4.      Red Laser

This is a bar code scanner, QR code reader and a shopping assistant app for your iPhone that is created by eBay. The app is hailed by the New York Times as Top 10 Must Have App for your iPhone. You can search for millions of products from various online and local retailers in order to find the best deal from a product that you are looking for. You can easily search and secure a purchase from different retailers online from the app. The app provides suggested products that are related to your search or viewed products and you can digitize your loyalty cards and even share it with your loved ones and friends. The latest version of the app supports voice over feature and allows you to find the most popular products being searched by other Red Laser users.

Red Laser

5.      Bar Code + Free

This is an all-in-one application for QR code scanner and bar code reader that helps you find the best priced products to buy and organizes your bar code membership cards like Costco, Sephora Coupon, Safeway and Lego in a single place. The application generates encoded texts and messages, provide map locations, and YouTube videos. You can also export and share your search results. You can share links from different products by email and scans through the bar code images from your photo roll. You will also know that the scanning is successful by making your iPhone vibrate and it lights up your phone while scanning on a dark place. It also comes with a multiple scan option, pinch to zoom for better viewing and search for price and product details from different online and local stores including Amazon.

Bar Code + Free

6.      Bakodo

You can quickly scan bar codes to accurately find movies, games, groceries, books and other retail products. It has a search feature to find the massive product database available from the application. You can also rate a product using your Facebook account and share it with your Facebook friends and view the products they have rated as well. With its wide range grocery product database, you can find the best price offers with different information that you can find including nutritional information, usage directions, warnings, store location and ingredients of a particular product. Products are searchable using keywords, bar code numbers and ISBN number. It also supports different currencies when searching for product prices. The Bakodo app offers you a handy companion when shopping and to obtain instant information about a particular product that you want to search.


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