The Problem with Windows [COMIC]

Have you ever had a problem with Microsoft Windows? More specifically, have you ever had trouble shutting Windows down when you needed to hit the road?

windows shutdown issues

scumbag windows via commitstrip

Lindo Memoria
nice version...............
Bethanny Parker
I hate when you're using a laptop somewhere other than home and you go to shut it down and it wants to install a dozen updates first.
Troy Mickins
This is the truest thing I've seen all day!
Mike Ramirez
This would be why I use Linux. :)
Factor Facts
IKR.. thanks windows!
Steve Cassady
So true. Especially when I am shutting down to board a plane or before take off.
Josh Smith
Great comic. Love the Spotify guy. No way, I'm not closing! That happens to me every time with Spotify.
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