The Problem with Windows [COMIC]

Have you ever had a problem with Microsoft Windows? More specifically, have you ever had trouble shutting Windows down when you needed to hit the road?

windows shutdown issues

scumbag windows via commitstrip

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Lindo Memoria
nice version...............
Bethanny Parker
I hate when you're using a laptop somewhere other than home and you go to shut it down and it wants to install a dozen updates first.
Troy Mickins
This is the truest thing I've seen all day!
Mike Ramirez
This would be why I use Linux. :)
Factor Facts
IKR.. thanks windows!
Steve Cassady
So true. Especially when I am shutting down to board a plane or before take off.
Josh Smith
Great comic. Love the Spotify guy. No way, I'm not closing! That happens to me every time with Spotify.
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