Yahoo Topples Google to Become Number One in Web Traffic, First Time Since 2011

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo surprisingly moved past Google as the top Web property during July according to comScore. This is the first time Yahoo has outpaced Google since May 2011.

The sites contributing most to Yahoo’s high number of unique visitors include Flickr, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Sports, though it’s hard to tell which property in particular contributed to the surge. Perhaps Yahoo’s recent homepage makeover or redesigned Flickr site, with its terabyte of free storage space, Instagram-like layout, and new photo sharing features, are responsible for the uptick. Tumblr, which Yahoo acquired in May, wasn’t included in Yahoo’s visitor count, though Tumblr is the 28th ranked website on comScore’s list of internet properties.

top 50 web properties in July 2013

It appears that, in terms of traffic, Yahoo had a 2% edge on Google sites in July. This is a relatively small difference in the constantly fluctuating battle for online supremacy, though. comScore told Marketingland,

Given how close Yahoo Sites and Google have been in recent months it can likely just be normal seasonal/month-to-month fluctuations.

Either way, this is good news for the new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Yahoo’s investors. Interestingly, Facebook is only number four on the comScore totem pole.

Which site do you think will emerge as the traffic leader next month?

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