LinkedIn Introduces a New Look for Its Over 2 Million Groups [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn Groups Infographic

LinkedIn GroupsLinkedIn Groups are a great place for professionals with similar interests to share and discover new content and make new business contacts. This is probably why groups are one of the most popular features on LinkedIn. Today LinkedIn released a streamlined new look and feel for the over 2 million Groups on the network, giving Group managers and members the ability to customize their experience by visually differentiating their conversation spaces.

LinkedIn Groups cover just about every topic imaginable, including entrepreneurship, careers, social media, marketing, and design. These communities, like DashBurst’s, enable like-minded people to exchange and share ideas, experiences, and business knowledge.

LinkedIn groups redesign

What can groups do for your business? People who post to or engage in groups on LinkedIn receive four times more profile views than those who don’t! There are more than 200 conversations happening each minute in groups, so there is plenty of action to jump into. In fact, more then 8,000 new groups are created each week on LinkedIn. Most people, on average, join up to seven groups to enhance their professional growth and networking opportunities!

LinkedIn Groups Infographic

What are your favorite groups on LinkedIn?
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