Wealthy Man Poses as Homeless During Christmas to Reward Charitable Strangers

homeless manIn a tale that seems made for a TV special, a mystery man in Canada has been reportedly rewarding random acts of kindness as part of an annual Christmas family tradition. The anonymous wealthy man has been posing as a beggar on the city streets of Vancouver to only surprise strangers who are charitable enough to give him change through even further acts of generosity.

When Yogi Omar first passed the gentleman by on the street, he almost didn’t even stop considering he’s pretty cash strapped himself, but something compelled him to turnaround. “I wanted to give him food more than anything else, really,” the 30 year old Omar told the Vancouver Sun. What happened next came as a shocker: the man refused Omar’s offer for a meal and instead asked Omar what he could do for him!

See the gentleman wasn’t actually a panhandler, but rather a wealthy benefactor participating in random acts of kindness with his family, where for three hours every night during the week of Christmas, he would hang out on the street corners to see who is really in a hospitable spirit for the downtrodden. “He said, ‘I do this with my family every year,'” Omar said. “They just want to see who cares about the homeless. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy.'”

After a short conversation the guy asked Omar how much he pays for rent. “I said $469,” Omar said. “I was joking but that’s what I pay. He just whipped out this fanny pack and gave me $469 in cash. I was like, ‘Is this serious?’ I was really stunned at that point.” Omar tried to learn more about his new benefactor but the man preferred to stay out of the lime light saying, “That’s part of the deal, I have to remain anonymous. Just keep doing good things.”

“I was like, ‘I don’t know what to say. What do I do?’ I thought, I’m going to tell people … it’s weird but wonderful,” Omar voiced, who then went on to post the story to his Facebook page which has since went viral.

yogi omar practice kindness

Looks like it really is better to give than to receive!

via Daily Mail

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