The After Christmas Party: Photos of Discarded Trees Still Lit Up

IMG_8968-copy1Every year millions of people around the world celebrate Christmas and like to decorate the symbolic tree with neat lights and ornaments. But what happens after the Christmas party is over? It turns out in many cases the party lives on vicariously through the lights still on the tree that can often continue to shine for days even after the trees have been discarded!

Hungarian photographer Gergo Gosztom isn’t the Grinch or anything, but his piece brings awareness to the wastefulness each year where a massive number of trees get chopped. The issue is likely to continue to burn with Gosztom well past the dying of this years’ Christmas lights saying, “I’ve always hated the Christmas tree. It’s a unnecessary thing. We always throw them…”




IMG_2966-copy (1)


Would you consider using a fake tree next holiday season?

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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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