The United States of College Football: the Most Popular College Football Team By State [MAP]

Ever wonder what’s the most popular college football team in your state? To find out, American ticket broker and online marketplace TicketCity conducted some social media and online research and was able to determine which big division football team was most popular.

TicketyCity used four pieces of data for Division I football teams to get their findings. The first two included calculating the total number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers on each team’s official pages. The third data point used Google Tools to find out the monthly average number of searches conducted for each team by users in that team’s state. The final and fourth data point involved ticket pricing and determining the median price for the upcoming season. Because ticket price is indicative of demand, the fourth data point was weighed heavier than the other three.

While most of the results are not surprising, some are quite interesting:

    • Texas A&M beat out longtime rivals University of Texas and University of Utah beat out its rivals, Brigham Young University (BYU).
    • University of Illinois just edged out Northwestern by less than 2%, making it the second closest contest of the 50 states.
    • Despite Arizona State University’s twice as many Twitter followers as Arizona University, Arizona beat ASU by a narrow margin. This is due to Arizona big Facebook following, which is 10 times larger than ASU’s.
    • Although Florida housed last season’s National Championship team, Florida State, the most popular team overwhelmingly went to the University of Florida with a 30 point difference between them.
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