Twitter Testing ‘Embedded on These Websites’ Feature

Mikki discovers new embedded on these sites feature on Twitter

Twitter Testing 'Embedded on These Websites' FeatureTwitter is experimenting with a new “embedded on these websites” feature. Users who have access to the feature will see, at the bottom of certain, news-worthy tweets, links to web pages that have embedded that tweet.

The new feature, reported by TechCrunch and The Verge, could help Twitter users put news and other information found in tweets in context with other conversations happening on the Web. This could be a way to connect Twitter dialogues with journalism, a missing link that would help us better understand important events being talked about on the Web such as the recent Boston bombing and last week’s social media storm surrounding Wendy Davis’ filibuster.


Twitter Experiments

“Embedded on These Websites” is not the only new feature users have spotted on Twitter. Recently some users noticed small, automatic image previews accompanying tweets in their sent streams. These features, among others, are not being rolled out to all Twitter users but rather being tested to help Twitter decide which new features to officially incorporate into their service.

Have you seen any other fun tests in your Twitter feed?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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  1. Well that’s interesting. That’ll certainly add some incentive to embedding tweets into blog posts and increase the life-span of a single tweet.

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