3D on the Rocks: Tiny, Intricate Ice Sculptures Carved Using 3D-Printing

The next time you want your scotch on the rocks, maybe the bartender will give you specially carved ice cubes. At least that’s what the Japanese liquor company Suntory Whisky has done with their latest marketing campaign, creating tiny ice sculptures to market its drinks.

With the help of marketing firm TBWA Hakuhodo, Suntory revealed a gallery of one-of-a-kind ice sculptures created using 3D-printing.

Each tiny sculpture was carved from a six-inch wide block of ice, taking between one and six hours to complete. Some sculptures were so complex that they required multiple blocks of ice. The particular shapes of the ice cubes were inspired by stories fans of the whisky company sent to Suntory about times when alcohol played an important role in their lives.

You can see the collection’s 15 sculptures on Suntory Whisky’s website.

ice cube sculpture horse

ice cube sculpture mermaid

ice cube sculpture spaceship

ice cube sculpture shark

ice cube sculpture david

via Wired

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