Anamorphic Sculptures That Only Reveal Themselves in Their Reflections

anamorphic sculptures

Mirror anamorphosis in art, the process of creating a distorted image which can only be properly seen in a curved or angled reflective surface, is a technique that has been utilized since the mid-17th century. Even so, to see this technique in action is fascinating. Award-winning artist Jonty Hurwitz¬†takes a very mathematical approach to his artwork, and describes himself as an “artist-scientist”, and states the following:

“For me, engineering is the brush and science is the paint. The art is in the doing.”

The classic process of anamorphic art creation involves advanced skill in projecting your image onto a grid on paper first to figure out your sculpture proportions. However today there are computer programs that can take care of this tedious process for you, such as Anamorph Me! and the Anamorphic Art Converter. Of course it is still up to the artist to render a work of art from the 2-D guideline; to combine the perfect mix of materials, presentation and visual interest to produce a memorable piece. Mirror anamorphic art is a great example of how math can create a good foundation for art, but in the end you need a touch of artistry to finish it off.
anamorphic sculpture
anamorphic sculpture


anamorphic sculpture


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