6 Tech Devices That Will Protect Your Home When You’re Away

home-alone-robbersProtecting the safety of your family and your home is one of the most important things that you can do. With the vast number of technological advances, you can expand your protection plan beyond a home alarm. There are many other gadgets that you can use to protect your loved ones from harm. Here are 6 interesting tech devices to help protect your home while you’re away.

Digital Peephole Viewer

If you have a small peephole in your door, and hate not being able to get a clear view of who is coming to visit you, the digital peephole viewer can solve your problems. This is a mini-camera that feeds images to a screen, giving you a larger glimpse of who is outside your home, and it even lets you snap a photo of the visitor. Some of the systems also have motion-activated sensors or a knocking sensor, both of which trigger a visitor photo, so you’ll always know who is stopping by, even if you’re not home.
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Security Window Film

Window security film can make your windows almost smash-proof. This film is clear and tear-resistant, incorporating multiple layers of polyester or vinyl. The film won’t change the appearance of your home and allows light to enter normally. The multiple layers make it difficult for someone to break a window to get into your home. And the durability of the film can also protect your home during storm season, and keep strong winds from shattering the windows. You can feel much safer while in you’re inside, and you can have peace of mind while you’re out of the house too.


If you are concerned about the potential dangers of a spare key, try a BioKnob. This is a biometric lock that looks like a regular doorknob but contains a fingerprint sensor. The knob can identify up to 100 fingerprints. Once you touch the door knob, the sensor checks your prints and unlocks the door. It also records entries by name, date, and time, so you will know who’s entering your home. If you have kids, this is a great way to make sure they don’t lock themselves out, or forget their key.


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DropCam is an easy-to-install, high-definition camera that allows you to monitor your home. All you need is Wi-Fi and an electrical outlet and you’re ready to go. DropCam has two-way audio and is able to check day or night. With the mobile app, you can view the images no matter where you are. You can also sign up for the DVR service, which lets you check video footage up to 30 days later. Having a theft deterrent system in your home can lower your rates while looking for home insurance quotes too. You can keep your family safe, and save at the same time.

Iris Home System

Many people want to create a “smart home” where everything is connected through a hub and broadband router. A great product for that is Iris. Iris allows you to program the lights, televisions, stereos, and thermostats to run while you aren’t at home, saving you tons of money on your energy bill. Iris also gives you the option to install motion sensors to trigger lights throughout the house to scare off potential prowlers. With a video camera, you can watch your home from a computer or phone, anywhere anytime. Another option is the smart door lock which allows you to lock and unlock your home remotely from any location. You can also schedule locking and unlocking times, and receive notifications about arrivals and departures.

Fake TV Deterrent

Burglars usually select targets that are empty. But if the criminal thinks someone is watching TV in the home, that might be incentive to move on. The Fake TV produces the same type of light pattern on the wall that regular TV programs make, like scene changes, and fading. The built in light sensor and timer allows the Fake TV to turn on if it gets dark before you return home. Having a TV on is a sure sign to burglars that someone is at home. You might be wondering why it isn’t better to just leave an actual television on in the house. Leaving a huge TV on can consume a lot of unnecessary amount of energy, while the Fake TV only consumes the equivalent of a night light!

If you need a little extra peace of mind while you’re away from your home, try one of these handy high-tech devices.

Calvin Sellers is a tech writer and graphic designer from Tampa, FL. Follow him on Twitter @CalvinTheScribe.

By Calvin Sellers

Calvin Sellers is a tech writer and graphic designer from Tampa, FL. Follow him on Twitter @CalvinTheScribe.

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