Does Talking to Plants Help Them Grow? Tweet at One to Find Out #talktoaplant

Talk to a PlantIf you spoke to a plant, would it hear you? While that may be a difficult question to answer, researchers are testing the effectiveness of an audio stimulus on plants, powered by live tweets!

Join Mythbusters at The Explosive Exhibition in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science to put the theory to the test. On the Talk to a Plant site you can tweet to have your words read out loud to the plant. Go ahead and wish the plant well, you just might help it grow!

I tweeted at the plant myself and heard the tweet come out, which was pretty cool albeit the computerized voice was a little scary and sounded much like the love child of Siri and Stephen Hawking.

Here’s how the study works. A control plant similar to the plant being tweeted at sits in silence. The museum will compare the height, color and leaf size of both plants over the course of the study, from October 11 to January 5.

plant height

leaf color

words heard

So what have we said to the plant so far?

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