8 Modern-Day Plagues [COMIC]

According to the Old Testament, the Egyptians and their Pharaoh suffered the Ten Plagues—a storm of fire, locusts, a suffocating darkness, and seven additional scourges—for not releasing the Israelites from slavery. Today, humanity is threatened with its own plagues including an overdose of Kardashian news and the over-utilization of hashtags on the web. So, if… Continue reading 8 Modern-Day Plagues [COMIC]

10 Ways to KEEP CALM While Clipping a Webpage to For’Evernote

  While you wait to clip this article to Evernote, what else could you be doing with your time?     This message was brought to you by Screaming Social, DashBurst’s new series of Web comics. Follow @ScreaminSocial Follow the Screaming Social Feed