FACEBOOK SXSW REPORT: More Than 1 Billion App Activities Shared Daily

Facebook announced at SXSW that more than 1 billion instances of application activity are now shared daily on Facebook. facebook sxsw reportAlso, more than 400 billion Open Graph actions have been shared back to Facebook as of this month. Facebook defines this open graph activity as high-level “interactions” users can perform within your app (commonly follow, like, listen, reading an article and watching a video). Some familiar open graph actions shared on your timeline for example would be pins added to Pinterest, or a new post on Tumblr.

facebook at sxswvia AFP/Getty Images

Facebook’s development team has also shared that as of March 2013, “110 million songs, albums and radio stations have been played 40 billion times” via Facebook-integrated apps and “1.47 million books have been shared.”

Facebook stated that “on average, people choose to share their app activity” which is mounting up to over 1 billion times daily. In fact, many users have opted-into sharing their activity from apps automatically either unknowingly or to just save time.

So these stats should be very intriguing to developers looking to take advantage of using the open graph within their applications to boost virality.

Do you choose to share any app or other site activity with Facebook?

Ti Roberts
Wow, these are staggering stats, Daniel. I personally don't like sharing my app activity on FB; nor do I like accepting apps that ask to do so.
Ed Conway Jr.
I wonder what that number will be when Zynga leaves...
Ron Sidwell
I wouldn't have thought that the app sharing was significant to the developers, but I suppose it's the equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising.
Daniel Zeevi
For sure and that word-of-mouth has been automated :)
Mithu Hassan
Glad to shared this!
Jericho Demos
that's amazing, 1billion is a lot.
Harold Gardner
I wonder if this is truly helpful for Facebook or a slippery slope toward perdition. I know a ton of folks who are quieting their newsfeed by disallowing applications to post.
Daniel Zeevi
Many people will certainly be annoyed with all the apps, but from a developers perspective, there is a lot to gain when people do opt-in to automatically share their app activity.
Liz Pullen
Wow! What a measure of success!
Daniel Zeevi
The amount of sharing has been quite impressive :)
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