Warning: If You’re a Super Mario Brothers Fan, This Website Might Swallow You Up

Mario gif jumping to hit castle

Screenshot of Super Mario brothers in HTML 5

For those times when all you want to do is bask in complete, mind-numbing procrastination, your new favorite website has arrived: FullScreenMario.com is a full screen wonderland of old-time video game paradise, letting you play Super Mario Brothers in HTML 5 from the comfort of your Web browser.

Created by Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute computer science student Josh Goldberg, FullScreenMario.com is an HTML 5 remake of the original built for Nintendo in the 80s. Complete with all the original levels and the original music, this website, still in beta, will be not only the cure for the nostalgia that’s plagued you since you sent your 16-bit Nintendo to the curb, but also the worst thing that could have ever happened to your life productivity. Forget typical time sucks like Facebook, Candy Crush and online porn: this website is going to waste more hours of your time than the rest of the internet combined.

Mario gif jumping to hit castleYou play this HTML 5 version of Mario using your computer’s keyboard (use the arrows to move, the Shift key to accelerate, the M key to mute and the P key to pause. You can also create your own maps using the site’s level editor.

Commenting on the process behind his work, Goldberg writes on his website that he created a renderer to generate the sprites in the game. “Sprites are generated using a highly performant GIF-like library and renderer I created,” he said.

FullScreenMario.com is an open source project; check it out on GitHub. And when you play, I hope you do better than I did; I sent poor Mario to his death five times in a row within the first level alone!

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