X Timeline of Schoolyard Sensations infographic

A Timeline of Schoolyard Sensations [INFOGRAPHIC]

From marbles to Pokemon cards, there has always been one must-have toy or another children rush to play with when the bell strikes recess. In England starting in 1850, kids tried to smash other players’ chestnut tree seeds in a game called Conkers. In the early 1900’s children started battling over marbles, collecting the shiny, colorful balls as a sign of prosperity. When I was growing up, I was in constant awe of kids walking the dog with their yo-yos while I mourned the death of my neglected Tamagochi. And, boy, did parents regret bringing the chattering Furby into their homes in the late 90’s!

What toys did you play with as a kid? Scroll through this timeline of schoolyard sensations to find where your generation stands.

Furby Boom Diagonal Stripes Plush Toy
Furbys should get the present time slot.
Jack Ost
Definitely Tomagotchi!
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