REPORT: Mobile Rules, Instagram Is Fastest Growing Social Network by Far

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We all know Facebook is the most widely used social network, but sites like Pinterest and Google+ are catching up fast. In fact, Facebook’s own Instagram service is now the fastest-growing social network after increasing its active users by 23% over the last six months. Reddit saw the second-largest growth spurt at 13%, followed by LinkedIn, Tencent Weibo and Yammer.

While most sites continue to see user activity rise, interestingly some of the top sites are actually losing ground in daily usage. On Facebook, for example, activity dropped by 3%, and the same for YouTube!

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One of the main insights provided by the study was that mobile access is rising, with 66% of people using a smartphone to log into social networks. This slightly edges out PCs and tablets. Also noteworthy is that when you break the data down just for microblogging services (like Twitter or other short messaging apps), tablets are a clear leader in the market with a 44% share.
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This survey was conducted by Global Web Index and is based on responses from 170,000 social network users from 32 countries. 10% of respondents claimed not to use any social networking service.

What’s your favorite social network? Do you prefer to access it with a PC, smartphone or tablet?

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